A membership community + certification program for lightworkers, healers, and leaders to master the energetics of prosperity + embody the spiritual principles of success.
This is the creation circle
  you've been waiting for...

A vibration to awaken the most essential layers of your power.

A vortex to remove money blocks and access prosperity consciousness.

A call to embrace the shadow to access the light.

A channel of motivation to sustain your inspired action in business.

A creation field of infinite possibilities.

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What is Creatrix Coven?

» Ancient Rituals Meets a Fresh Perspective on Female Entrepreneurship.

Following your intuition is one of the greatest business hacks of all time. Instead of listening to distracting outside sources or looking in a million directions for the answers, you find it all within. Move at the speed of divine grace. Creation in an instant. This immersive experience is designed to connect you back to yourself, so you can see your future with clarity and know the right next steps in your business intuitively.

» Awaken the layers of your power.

In this community, we honor the ancient rituals that have been used for thousands of years in covens, and adapt them to our current times. Learn the purest forms of age-old divination tools; oracle, visualization, herbs, oils, moon cycles, crystals, and earth elements. All of these tools bring us back to the connection to mama Earth, to ourselves, to our prosperity source, to the vibration of Godspeed. Experiment with divination rituals to awaken your direct connection with your source.

» Access your divine potential.

We are the next generation light leaders + the feminine entrepreneurs. We’re paving the way and making history as we speak. We’re doing business using innovative consciousness tools – co-creating and discovering them as we go.

» Merge with your spiritual strength.

The collective is yearning for the restoration of the feminine heart. A paradigm of business rooted in love, with all people in mind. Feminine entrepreneurship means learning to lead and create from your intuition. To deeply relax and trust yourself. To know how to come back home to yourself when you’re feeling doubt, rejection, or any of the heavy emotions that come with this path. Because if you’re not enjoying your business, not enjoying your day-to-day life, and not accessing your well-being… then what’s the point of all that you do?

For hundreds of years, feminine intuition has been cast in mystery. It's been feared, it's been persecuted, and it has inspired awe... To some, the very idea of feminine power – the idea that women might possess the codes to the universe – has felt threatening and scary.

» Connect to divine resourcefulness, and tap into the field of infinite possibilities.

This is an invitation to come together in coven to lift the mystery and reclaim the lost arts of the feminine healers. The lightworkers. The oracles. The intuitives. The Psychics.

This is an invitation to claim your right to prosperity. To call in all that which you desire. To use your pleasure, awareness, and intuition to create your future. And to choose your own greatness. This is for women entrepreneurs who are ready to attract, magnetize, heal their money, and step in their power.

We gather to reclaim the lost arts of the feminine healers and uplift your financial abundance… because you in your unleashed prosperity potential, is the healing the planet needs right now. 

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Is Creatrix Coven for me?
» Creatrix Coven is a place for you to step boldly unapologetically into that power...

Removing money blocks to align to the frequency of unbounded success.

To come out of the spiritual closet and be seen for your gifts.

Become the creatrix of your life + play with the codes of reality creation + manifestation.

Learn spiritual rituals, tools, and pleasure practices to be a magnetic creator.

Cultivate your innate intuition + the healer within.

View your sensitivity as a gift – not as something that holds you back.

Transform the energetics and profitability of your business.

Use the power of your femininity to attract.

Take the leap...
Why me, why now?

You and I both know the planet needs healing now more than ever… For too long, we’ve been glorifying masculine energy. One of drive and force. One that values intellect over intuition. We know how desperately our planet needs the feminine restoration... But we all need a place to be loved, to be seen, and to cultivate our gifts – so we can flourish and share them with the world.  Imagine this with me… women in connection with their hearts and purpose lighting up in prosperity all over the planet... do you feel that? Do you feel that power to shift humanity? Having more women be abundant and receiving fully their worth, THIS is the future. This is our time.

We rise together in knowing that we are what the world has been waiting for.

» YOU are what the world has been waiting for.

» Know that everything you desire desires you. Everything you want to create in your life and in your business is yours to have. The success. The prosperity. The magnetism. The ease. It’s all yours…

Now is your time to step into your legacy on the planet and for the future. To do your part to heal mama earth and human consciousness. In order to call it all into reality, you need to tap into the right frequency. You need to master the energetics.

That’s what Creatrix Coven is about. Here you will get a clear vision for your business, your life, and your future. You’ll tap into the right frequency – and you’ll get the energetic tools you need to finally manifest your wildest prosperity dreams into reality.

» I dare you to be the creatrix of your success.

» I dare you to enter the coven and be fully seen and accepted for your gifts.

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Who is The Creatrix?
» The Creatrix is she who creates her reality...

She knows the codes of creation are embedded in her DNA. She has the energetic codes to give birth to anything she desires.

For so many years, our gifts have been repressed. We’ve been told they are not safe or are not to be trusted. This is your time to trust in your intuitive gifts. To trust in your super powers. To cultivate your psychic awareness. And to learn to use it all for yourself, your clients, and your loved ones.

This is a chance to drop deeply into your feminine and be able to create from a place of receptivity, trust, + relaxedness – and letting all that is yours come to you.

Whether you have an idea for a business, or are years into a successful company – this is a place to come feed that dream and fuel up on the energetics. Whatever stage of entrepreneurship you’re in, know that you are welcome here.

Awaken your Creatrix...
How do I know if I'm a fit for the Coven?

This is for women in all levels of business – from just starting out to being deep into your profitability. There’s always room to embody more of the feminine and frequency-first success approach. There’s always space to expand your wealth potential. Come to get your pep talks and get in the right energetic space for creation. This is for all intuitives, business women, entrepreneurs, + healers. Know you are critical to universal healing. This is your place to shine. All of your weird, all of your eccentric... all of you is welcome in this space.

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A personal invitation from my heart to yours...
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What's included in the membership?

LIVE weekly Zoom transmissions

1 | Bi-weekly lesson, ritual, concept, or training with Jolie to help access the core learnings.

2 | Bi-weekly breakout sessions with the PQ team to integrate + practice tools, and connect with your sisters.

Private Facebook community of women who are as weird, eccentric, intuitive, + sensitive as you – and who are all here to love and uplift each other.

Monthly guided meditations orienting to the planet + aligning to prosperity.

Services trade network where we can support each other by trading services within this powerful network.

LIVE tarot sessions throughout the month in the private group with highly trained healers. Hop on, get an intuitive read, + learn the craft of oracle and tarot.

» Prosperity Energy Healing Certification «

Step into mastery, embrace the teacher, share the wealth.

My team and I have developed an intensive 12-month curriculum to take your own money healing to the next level and to provide you with a tangible process to use with your clients.  Hello next-level prosperity!!!

Learn Jolie’s unique system of energy healing; using hypnosis, psychic awareness, visualizations, unconscious reprogramming, and reframing.

Lead your own prosperity meditations and healing visualizations.

Learn a step-by-step healing framework to use with your clients to facilitate prosperity breakthroughs, release scarcity, and to be able to hold better space in sales conversations.

Step into the highest level of prosperity consciousness in your life. Learn to continually self-heal money blocks and scarcity that may arise.

The certification is INCLUDED in the Creatrix Coven membership upon completion of the 12th month in the membership.  Meaning, you must be in Creatrix Coven for at least 12 months to receive the full energy healing training, testing, and certification.

Month 1–6: Self-mastery, foundations of rituals, and deep emotional integration

Month 6–10: 4 Intensive Prosperity Energy Healing Training Months

Month 10: Testing Month 1

Month 11: Testing Month 2

Month 12: Prosperity Energy Healing Certification Completion

Your future is here...
What's the investment in Coven?







» Are you an upgrade kind of girl? «


A full year of Creatrix Coven membership

The Prosperity Energy Healing Certification (certified at 12 months)

Two 1-on-1 prosperity + launch vision sessions with Jolie (redeemable as soon as July 2020)

Custom prosperity audio: an affirmation tarot session where I read tarot + oracle for you, then compile your reading into affirmations that speak to your soul – so you can activate your highest prosperity potential.

Included in ALL membership levels is special pricing on all Jolie Dawn offerings.

We also have a lineup of amazing gifts + surprises up our sleeve for this community including special guests who beautifully embody the creatrix lifestyle.

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